Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?

Carola Romero
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Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?
  1. Nick
    1. Biology teacher
      1. Specular relation with George
        1. Guest of George and Martha
          1. Married to Honey
            1. Got married because of his dad's money
              1. She has an histerical pregnancy
                1. Similar to Martha who invents she has a baby
                2. She is always drinking and is breaking out
                  1. She makes fool of herself because she doesn't want to see reality
                    1. Dumb and stupid
                    2. Has sex with Martha
                      1. He was interested in her because of her father is the decan of the university
                        1. Honey never finds this out because she was passed away
                      2. Martha
                        1. She is the hostess
                          1. Have a specular relation with Honey
                            1. Authoritarian, disaintful, ruthless, towards Nick and Honey
                              1. Confesses beeing afraid of Virginia Wolf
                                1. Married to George
                                  1. He is a history teacher
                                    1. Got married because of her dad's position
                                      1. Thay have an imaginary baby
                                        1. George "kills" him as a revange of Martha having sex with Nick
                                        2. They are the only ones who are having fun at night
                                          1. Proposes games to make fun of the guests
                                          2. Relation built on problems and beeing afterwards more connect
                                          3. Alcoholic
                                          4. Martha and George
                                            1. Nick and Honey
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