TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test)

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Descripción de los elementos a evaluar en la certificación TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) de la Universidad de Cambridge.

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TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test)
  1. What is it?
    1. A test of professional knowledge for English language teachers
    2. Who is it for?
      1. For all teachers, whatever their background and teaching experience
        1. For people who would like to teach English but do not yet have a teaching position
        2. What are the aims?
          1. To test candidate's knowledge of:
            1. language
              1. language use
                1. language teaching and learning
                2. To encourage teachers in their professional development
                3. What does it consist of?
                  1. Three core modules
                    1. Module 1: Language and background to language learning and teaching
                      1. Describing language and language skills
                        1. Grammar
                          1. Lexis
                            1. Functions
                              1. Phonology
                                1. Four skills
                                  1. Speaking
                                    1. Listening
                                      1. Reading
                                        1. Writing
                                      2. Background to language learning
                                        1. Linguistic differences
                                          1. MOtivation
                                            1. Learner characteristics
                                            2. Background to language teaching
                                              1. Approaches to language teaching
                                                1. Presentation techniques
                                                  1. Practice activities for skills development
                                                2. Module 2: Planning lessons and use of resources for language teaching
                                                  1. Planning and preparing a lesson
                                                    1. Identifying and selecting aims
                                                      1. Identifying components of a lesson plan
                                                        1. Planning an individulal lesson
                                                          1. Choosing assessment activities
                                                          2. Selection and use of resources
                                                            1. Consulting reference resources
                                                              1. Selection of coursebook materials
                                                                1. Selection of supplementary materials
                                                                  1. Selection and use of teaching aids
                                                                2. Module 3: Managing the teaching and learning process
                                                                  1. Teacher's and learners' language in the classroom
                                                                    1. Using language appropriately for classroom functions
                                                                      1. Identifying the functions of learner's language
                                                                        1. Categorizing learners' mistakes
                                                                        2. Classroom management
                                                                          1. Teacher roles
                                                                            1. Grouping learners
                                                                              1. Correcting learners
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