How advertising influence on people?

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How advertising influence on people?
  1. With advertisement, worthy things around our life are most noticeable.
    1. Present in radio, television, newspaper, mobiles, even when reading electronic mail
      1. Advertisements are the best way to create needs among the consumers
        1. For example, I have mobile. It is working properly but after seeing advertisement of another mobile with more features, I want that mobile now.
          1. Commercials on T.V. during a soccer game can reach millions of spectators at a time, after them, there is a rapid growth on the demand of a product or a service.
          2. To attract consumers: erotic scenes, tell a funny story, use special-short music, slogans or logos of brands can be kept in peoples mind.
            1. Children, on the other hand, the most primitive groups that commercials want to take their attention. Because children have huge impact on their parents’ decision while shopping.
              1. Advertising and Role Models
                1. Brands use famous people (models) as propaganda for their new products
                  1. Mainly children who admire this icons will buy that stock
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