UNIT 1: Around my Neighborhood

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UNIT 1: Around my Neighborhood
  1. Context: The participants are 80 sixth graders (10-14 years old) from two state schools. Students' level is A1. It is a large class. They have few opportunities to speak in English.
    1. Students´needs: They need more opportunities to speak, reduce their anxiety, increase their self-confidence and interact using L2 as natural as possible
      1. Expected outcomes: At the end of the course: they will be independent speakers, able to make decisions, more confident to speak, able to manage their anxiety level. Moreover, they will learn to use technology.
    2. Aim of the unit: students will be able to suggest the changes that their neighborhood need in order to improve their environment
      1. Subsidiary aims: To identify the main places in their neighborhood. To compare their neighborhood with other neighborhoods. To imagine how their neighborhood can be improved. To share their ideas and opinions.
      2. Activities
        1. 1. Face to face activities
          1. a. Guessing game: students will receive a worksheet in which they have to match the picture with the definition.
            1. b. Giving directions: students will follow directions on a map in order to find some places around the neighborhood.
              1. Purpose: Students will be able to find some places on a map by following directions.
                1. Assessment: In small groups students will give and receive directions in order to locate a place in a map.
                  1. Teaching strategy: T-class and small groups
                    1. Resources: worksheet
                    2. c. Memory game: students will have to match places with the occupations orally.
                      1. d. Interview: In pairs, students will design an interview where every one will answer questions about occupations and actions
                        1. e. Mind maps: students will receive some pictures of places and occupations. They will write adjectives that describe every picture. Then, in pairs they will share information.
                          1. f. Discussion: students will discuss the information collected during the video session about the description of the neighborhood.
                            1. g. Describing the neighborhood: students will draw their neighborhood and write the description. Then, they will share the description with their peers to provide feedback each other.
                            2. 2. Virtual activities
                              1. a. Multiple choice quiz: Students will do a quiz where they have to choose the correct word.
                                1. b. Video session: students will watch a video and take notes. Then, they will have to answer some questions orally by recording the answers. https://youtu.be/jz5EfDLu36I
                                  1. c. Recording interviews: students will record the interview they did during the F2F session.
                                    1. d. Video: students will watch a video about the description of a neighborhood. They will have to collect information that will be used during an activity in a F2F class.
                                      1. e. Describing the neighborhood: students will record a video describing their neighborhood based on the model given in the video from the previous activity
                                    2. Topics: Places, prepositions of place, occupations, and adjectives
                                      1. Research Project Intervention Syllabus. Designed by: Ricardo Calderon and Zayda Viviana Nieto
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