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a brief description of the history of psychology, its goals and schools of thought.

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  1. is
    1. Scientific study of the mind and behavior
      1. uses
        1. Empirical method
          1. its goal
            1. *predict behavior *understand its causes
    2. beginnings
      1. Philosophy
        1. Physiology
        2. its most important questions
          1. Nature vs. nurture
            1. What is more influencial, genes or the environment?
            2. Free will vs. determination
              1. To what extent can people control their own actions?
              2. Accuracy vs. inaccuracy
                1. To what extent can we process the information from the world correctly?
                2. Conscious vs. unconscious processing
                  1. To what extent are we aware of our actions and decisions?
                  2. Differences vs. similarities
                    1. Are people generally the same or are they influenced by many factors in different ways?
                  3. Schools of thought
                    1. Structuralism
                      1. Important contributors
                        1. Wundt, Titchener
                        2. Description
                          1. Uses introspection to analyze and classify our experiences
                        3. Functionalism
                          1. Important contributors
                            1. James
                            2. Description
                              1. Studies behavior and how it helps people live in their environment
                            3. Psychodynamic
                              1. Important contributors
                                1. Freud, Jung
                                2. Description
                                  1. Focuses on the role of unconscious thought, feelings and memories, placing importance on our childhood experiences
                                3. Behaviorism
                                  1. Important contributors
                                    1. Watson, Skinner
                                    2. Description
                                      1. Its study is limited to behaviors, given that it is impossible to objectively study the mind
                                    3. Humanistic
                                      1. Important contributors
                                        1. Rogers, Maslow
                                        2. Description
                                          1. Focuses on the power of free will and self determination that drives a person towards self-actualization
                                        3. Cognitive
                                          1. Important contributors
                                            1. Ebbinghaus, Piaget
                                            2. Description
                                              1. Focuses on mental processes, like memory, thinking and perception
                                            3. Social-cultural
                                              1. Important contributors
                                                1. Festinger, Heider
                                                2. Description
                                                  1. Focuses on how social situations and culture influence a person's behavior
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