Principles of Governance

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Principles of Governance
  1. Leadership is Key
    1. Leaders must do what is right rather than what is popular
      1. Honest and capable leaders needed
        1. to maintain stability in government and make right decisions for country
        2. Government realized that good leadership and good governance do not occur by chance. Potential leaders are specially selected and groomed.
          1. Honesty is a highly valued quality among the leaders of Singapore
            1. Leaders...
              1. must have moral courage and integrity to do what is right and not what is popular with the people.
                1. must be incorruptible so as to win the confidence and respect of the people.
                  1. are selected not only by talent and ability
                    1. but also based on their good character
                2. A Stake for All, Opportunities for Everyone
                  1. Aim to create an inclusive society where citizens feel a sense of ownership and belonging
                    1. Having a say in decision-making leads to people having a greater sense of belonging to the country
                      1. More opportunities have been created to involve people in decision making.
                        1. Example
                          1. In 2014,
                            1. government consulted the people on the issue of having a casino as part of an Integrated Resort.
                              1. The government considered the concerns raised
                                1. decided to go ahead with the setting up of a casino as part of an Intergrated Resot
                    2. Reward for work and Work for Reward
                      1. Earn a living and safeguard future only through efforts and intelligence
                        1. Meritocracy
                          1. System that rewards hard work and talent.
                            1. When people are rewarded based on their abilities and hard work, they are encouraged to do well
                            2. students who perform exceptionally well in their studies and CCAs are rewarded.
                              1. Edusave Scholarship and Merit Bursary schemes reward top 10% and 25% of students in schools and ITE.
                                1. Example
                                2. Gives everybody in society equal opportunity to achieve their best and be rewarded for their performance
                                  1. Regardless of...
                                    1. Race
                                      1. Religion
                                        1. socio-economic background
                                  2. Anticipate change and Stay Relevant
                                    1. Be open to new ideas. Never be trapped in the past
                                      1. Decisions made by government need to be forward-looking.
                                        1. NEWater
                                          1. An example of how government prepares for the future by ensuring robust and sustainable water supply.
                                            1. To Ensure
                                              1. water supply is less dependent on other countries
                                              2. alternative water supplies
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