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  1. Project staff assignments. Skills and Training needs
    1. Human Resource Management plan
      1. Resources calendar
        1. The inputs to Develop Project Team are the outputs you just created
        2. 1.- Interpersonal Skills
          1. Are all about using soft skills to help the people on your team solve problems.
          2. 2.- Training
            1. Is a really important part of developing your team. If you’ve got a team member who doesn’t have the skills to do the job, you need to get him trained…and it’s up to you to plan enough of the project’s time and budget to make sure it happens!
            2. 3.- Team Building Activities
              1. Are important throughout your entire project. You’re responsible for keeping the team together!
              2. 4.- Groun rules
                1. Help you prevent problems between team members, and let you establish working conditions that everyone on the team can live with.
                2. 5.- Colocation
                  1. Is the opposite of virtual teams. When you have all of your team located in the same room, you can increase communication and help them build a sense of community. Sometimes that room is called a war room.
                  2. 6.- Recognitions and rewards
                    1. Are the best way to keep your team motivated
                    2. 7.- Personnel assessment tools Poll, Evaluations and Interviews
                      1. Are used to figure out how your team approaches the work and how they like to work together. These tools include things like focus groups and surveys used to determine your team’s style of working and interacting.
                      2. Team performance Assessment
                        1. EEFs Update
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