Life of Early Man

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Palaeolithic age, Mesolithic age, Neolithic age, stone age, archeologist, excavation, Chalcolithic period

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Life of Early Man
  1. Stone Age - Period when stone tools were used
    1. Palaeolithic Age (Old Stone Age)
      1. Palaeo means old
        1. Lithic means stone
          1. Core tools
            1. Made from Large stones by sharpening the edges
            2. Food hunter and gatherer
              1. Moved from one place to another
              2. Greatest achievement - Accidental discovery of fire by rubbing two stones
                1. warmth and safety from animals
                  1. Roast raw food - tastier and softer
                  2. Upper Narmada and upper Indus
                    1. Flake tools
                      1. Crude and Unpolished
                        1. Stone that break away while making core tools
                      2. Mesolithic Age (Middle Stone Age)
                        1. Meso means middle
                          1. Used horns and bones in addition to stone tools
                            1. Made huts using tree branches
                              1. Ate seeds, roots, nuts, berries and fish
                                1. Became food producer - moved closer to water sources
                                  1. Started Agriculture
                                  2. Tamed animals like cow, goat, sheep and pig
                                    1. Dog was the first animal to be tamed
                                    2. Protected himself with skins of animals (hides)
                                      1. Mysore and Western Narmada
                                      2. Neolithic Age (New Stone Age)
                                        1. Neo means new
                                          1. Skilled tool maker
                                            1. Harder and stronger stone tools
                                              1. Polishing and grinding tools and weapons
                                                1. Stone-axe
                                                  1. Knives
                                                    1. Spears
                                                      1. harpoons
                                                        1. wooden bows and stone tipped arrows
                                                        2. invented sickle
                                                          1. cutting crops and grass
                                                          2. Axe
                                                            1. cutting treas
                                                            2. Grinding stone
                                                              1. grind the grains
                                                            3. Kashmir, Assam, Bengal and Orissa
                                                              1. Agriculture - Rice, Wheat etc.
                                                                1. Worshipped "Mother" Earth
                                                                  1. Believed Life after Death
                                                                    1. Buried dead along with the objects they used
                                                                  2. Important Achievement
                                                                    1. Cultivation of crops
                                                                      1. Domestication of animals
                                                                      2. Lead a settled life - institution of family
                                                                        1. Did not have to move constantly
                                                                        2. Most remarkable invention
                                                                          1. Wheels
                                                                            1. sledges and chariots
                                                                              1. Spinning and pottery
                                                                            2. Next Age
                                                                              1. Metal age or Chalcolithic Period
                                                                                1. Chalco means Copper
                                                                          2. Origin
                                                                            1. May have developed in Africa as it contains favourable climatic conditions
                                                                              1. May have wandered to Asia, Europe and America
                                                                            2. Information about early man
                                                                              1. Based on information on Tools and Objects excavated
                                                                                1. Archeologists study the human past through material remains
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