Project Platform

Danilo Silveira Figueira
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Danilo Silveira Figueira
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Breve apresentação mortifera

Resource summary

Project Platform
  1. Development Team
    1. Briefly
    2. Publishing CSR Maps
      1. Metadata
        1. Year of publishing
          1. Source
            1. Describe attributes
            2. Calculate Colors
              1. Representative
              2. Zip content
                1. Cache
                  1. No Rework
                    1. Map faster
                      1. Even Big maps
                  2. Interface
                    1. Select visible
                      1. Calculate selected areas (Kilometers)
                        1. Map Cell Value
                        2. planning to create
                          1. Aditional map processing
                            1. Set Relationships
                              1. Preprocess some results
                                1. Map cell value
                              2. Project results
                                1. Map relationships
                                  1. Set viable operations
                                    1. Map Stack, Operations
                                      1. Zonal
                                        1. Local
                                          1. Dynamic results
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