Construction Technology?

Mike Maclaren
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Mike Maclaren
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Construction Technology?
  1. Carpenter
    1. Form setter
      1. Workers with concrete
      2. Framer
        1. Stud Framing
          1. Build residential and commercial buildings
          2. Cabinet Maker
            1. Custom kitchens
              1. Custom wood working
              2. Trimmer
                1. Base board, Crown moulding, Casing
              3. Civil Engineering
                1. Project Estimating
                  1. Surveying
                    1. Project Designing (AutoCAD)
                      1. Create Blueprints
                      2. General Contractor (Own your own company)
                        1. Hire sub trades
                          1. Accounting
                            1. Employ people
                              1. Own your own office
                                1. Understand other Trades involved in construction
                                2. Hardware Store
                                  1. Rona, Lowes, Home Depot
                                    1. Store Manager
                                      1. Lumber Department
                                      2. Own a Franchise
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