Map Mind Fighting for Lions

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Map Mind

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Map Mind Fighting for Lions
  1. Humans
    1. Zimbawe
      1. Animals
        1. control land
        2. increase the lion population
          1. keep the great cats from disappearing.
            1. CONSEVATIONITS
              1. ALERT program
              2. The problem are the humans
                1. every year more people in this area
                  1. The lions have less land on which to live
                  2. polulation of lions has plumetted
                    1. human population growth
                  3. the balance of naute
                    1. more species prey
                      1. reduce population lions
                      2. the land use planning
                        1. pathway of elephants
                          1. workers can use with the communities
                            1. explain to them the behavior of wildlife
                            2. human-wildlife tool kit that some countries
                            3. ONU FAO
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