“Psychology of the SLA”

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Lnaguage Acquisition

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“Psychology of the SLA”
  1. Language and the brain
    1. Brain Lateralization refers to the idea that each hemisphere of the brain is specialized for different functions
      1. Left hemisphere
        1. (Brocas's area) located in the left frontal lobe is responsible for the ability to speak
          1. Brocas's area damage cause aphasia (inability to talk)
          2. (Wernicke's area ) also central to language processing is further back and lower in the brain compared to Broca's area, between the audithory cortex and the visual cortex
            1. Right hemisphere
              1. Principal Hemispheric specializations
          3. Learning processes
            1. Information Processing (IP)
              1. Concern mental processes. Learning language is like learning other domains of knowledge
                1. Include perception and the input of new information (formation, organization, regulation of internal representations; and retrieval and ouput strategies.
                2. Theories regarding order of acquisition
                  1. Multidimentional Model
                    1. 2. Learners acquire certain grammatical structures in a developmental sequence.
                      1. 3. developmental sequences reflect how learners overcome processing limitations
                        1. 1. Language istructions be succesfully only if learners have already mastered the previous stage of acquisition
                        2. Competition Model
                          1. assumes that all linguistic performance involves "mapping" between external form and internal function
                          2. Connectionist approach
                            1. It focus on the associations between atimuli and responses rather than "rules" or restructuring
                              1. The best-known connectionist approah is Parallel Distributed Processing (PDP)
                        3. Connectionism
                          1. Learning processes is made through associations rather than as the abstraction of rules or principles
                        4. Differences in learners
                          1. Age
                            1. Sex
                              1. Aptitude
                                1. Motivation
                                  1. Cognitive Style
                                    1. Personality
                                      1. Learning Strategies
                                      2. The effects of multilingualism
                                        1. Psitive perceptions
                                          1. training the mind
                                            1. Advantages are verbal and nonverbal tasks
                                              1. Metalinguistic abilities, control of language processing
                                                1. Use languiage for verbal meditation
                                          2. Negative Perceptions
                                            1. Limitations for language acquisition and maintenance
                                              1. Reduce accessibility of L1
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