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Year 12. English Mind Map on Spies., created by Kirri White on 10/28/2013.

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1 Stephen;
1.1 Lack of self-esteem leads him to believe Keith.
1.2 Memories triggered by senses.
1.3 Nostalgia caused by bitter-sweet smell of 'privet' hedge which reeks of desire and disppointment.
2 Instinctively choose interpretations of reality that offer us security and protection.
3 Divide between the world of children and adults.
4 Transition from child to adolescence to adult.
5 Trauma in childhood, its effect on the way we grow and effects in adulthood.
6 The private realities of people are often very different from that which is represented on the surface.
7 Imaginations.
8 "Everything is as it was; and everything has changed”
9 “I’m leaving behind the old tunnels and terrors of childhood – and stepping into a new world of even darker tunnels and more elusive terrors”
10 "All that perfection she arrived with has become blurred.”
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