Nicaragua IA

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ia initial research

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Nicaragua IA
  1. foreign policies
    1. soviet interactions and influences
      1. us influence contras
      2. domestic policies
        1. treatment of minorities and women
          1. civil war
            1. leaders/ power structures in government.
            2. Big question: to what extent was nicaragua's intrnal turmoil from x-x influenced by the cold war influences of the soviets and the americans?
              1. PART A


                • In this investigation the overarching question : TWE was Niceraguas internal turmoil durring x-x influenced by the americans and the soviets during the cold war.  "personalities/overseeers/main players" this question will be answered in part B with internal and external policies established durring this time, causes of civil war, governmental power and leaders, soviet influences as well as american ones. Aditionally two sources will be analyzed in part C: the fist, a primary source () and the seccond a seccondary source () the origin, purpose, values and limitations of these sources will be discussed.  using the evidence gathered in part B and the sources in Part D as well as aditional material will be analyzed in part D as a way to answer the question of the investigation. 
                1. PART b
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