Birdman Total Film Review Analysis

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A2 Media Studies

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Birdman Total Film Review Analysis
  1. Issue number, name of magazine, month and year all presented to help the viewer navigate and understand precisely what issue they are currently reading.
    1. Promotion: reminding the reader where to subscribe to every issue of Total Film. Above the line marketing.
      1. Black outline surrounds review to clearly show to the reader where the main review is positioned. Allows ease of access to the reader which counteracts confusion which would ultimately end up with the reader not wanting to read the magazine.
        1. The structure of this paritcular reviews finds it own unique style. We see a rating out of 5 stars with a short sentence that the editor has written (usually a pun of some sorts). The review structure takes the usual stance of short paragraphs with a conclusion. However, unlike most reviews I've analysed there is no marker indicating the closing paragraph. I chose not to use this approach.
        2. The rating of the movie is shown to put into perspective how good the film is compared to other films that have been rated.
          1. ‘Screen’ – Immediately informs the reader that the review they are about to read is for a movie currently shown in cinemas and not a new DVD release
            1. Screenshot from film covers half of the page, presents simplicity and beauty all in one. Shows the main protagonist surrounded by an array of different alcoholic drinks, which may suggest something about his personality.
              1. Title of the film in bold, with subtitle underneath. This clearly shows to the reader the name of the movie. When the reader turns to the review, they can immediately determine the name of the film.
                1. Easy to see text. Allows the reader to quickly locate the main review. Text and font size is clear and easy to read without the font being too small and too big that it takes up too much room.
                  1. Language used within film reviews can be a difficult choice. Does the editor choose language that will convey his point precisely or should he use simplier language that everyone will understand but may not put his point across the way he wanted? Total Film have opted for a similar opproach as Empire. They rely on light-hearted humour and clever movie puns to engage the reader and keep their attention. Film should be fun and reading film reviews should also be fun.
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