How does Steinbeck evoke the readers sympathy for Curley's Wife?

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How does Steinbeck evoke the readers sympathy for Curley's Wife?
1 'Curley's Wife'
1.1 No Name
1.1.1 No Identitiy No respect for women Context = Women were of less importance Belongs to husband His property She is looked at as a weaker character
2 Appearance
2.1 Repeated through the book
2.1.1 'Rouged Lips' Colour Red Contrast of danger and romance Forshadowing her death Sympathetic Provocative and promiscuous Unsympathetic
3 How she is represented
3.1 Characters opinions
3.1.1 'Tart' Wants attention Lonely
3.2 'She's got the eye'
3.2.1 Untrustworthy Unsympathetic
3.2.2 Lonely, wants some attention Sympathetic
4 Normal person
4.1 Dreams
4.1.1 'I coulda made somethin' of myself' like the others weak and hopeful Naive Shoiws she is a human and not just curley's wife
5 Escape
5.1 Sympathetic
5.1.1 Bad childhood so ran away from home Lonely
5.2 Unsympathetic
5.2.1 Married Curley to escape lonely but she chose it
6 Death
6.1 Misunderstood
6.1.1 vulnerable 'sweet and young' pure and innocent we were quick to judge
6.2 'her lips were parted'
6.2.1 contrast to previous description opens up to audience and shows peace
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