Carlos fuentes segunda parte

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Segunda parte de producto, Proceso Administrativo

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Carlos fuentes segunda parte
  1. Por un progreso incluyente
    1. The voice of Cassandra
        1. unify the abandonment of social contract
          1. I leave the government to leading a campaign to stop growing disparity between poor and rich in USA
        2. Robert Rubin
          1. increase wealth the states united
            1. Rubin does not see for health homeland in the century XXI if citizens They are living in areas not marginalized entering the the current posterity
              1. United States you should invest in education, training and technology
          2. in Germany
            1. education information-education on spends capacity of production
              1. Japan produces little information, the matter and uses, thanks to its systems educational
                1. United States generates new technologies but Japan is who develops products and monopolizes the markets
            2. The three should ride like a troik
              1. Study commissioned by the State government A. States
                1. opportunity school for children primary
                  1. 90% graduates from high school
                    1. All adult the states States should be literate
                      1. Students United States will be best in the world science and math
                        1. Link systems elementary education university
                          1. Education is the Maximum investment development
                            1. education information, Information is the motor production
              2. The waves of the lagoon, some come and others go
                1. Alvin Toffler
                  1. First wave, nomadism the Agriculture
                    1. second wave of agriculture industrial life
                      1. third wave of revolution Industrial to world technological
                    2. A country that does not give feed his people a leaving the country home education
                      1. ever growing the new world technological XXI century
                    3. Mexico VS future technological
                      1. First world, third World
                        1. abyss poverty world
                          1. 900 million illiterate, 130 million children out of school
                            1. 100 million children leavers in elementary grades
                              1. between 1950 and 1980 GDP Latin America 80% increase in the same period poverty increased 10%
                        2. The economy market can bring growth but not equity
                          1. Distribution wealth does not ensure growth
                        3. Michel Candessus
                          1. Hand market must to be compensated with hand justice of state
                        4. The questions of education
                          1. Oscar Arias
                            1. How to build or maintain a national mobilization around the problems of education?
                              1. They are comparable results of our effort to hundreds of pattern countries, for Example called tigers of Asia?
                                1. As reduce dropout rate and repetition?
                                  1. As the family works Regarding institution and improve?
                                    1. As increasing coverage post-secondary
                                      1. Which is as it should be private education?
                            2. El tema por imposición es la relación entre familia, escuela y maestro
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