Deficiency diseases and Symptoms

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Deficiency diseases and Symptoms. Deficiency diseases and Symptoms

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Deficiency diseases and Symptoms
  1. Vitamin A
    1. causes the loss of vision
      1. It causes poor vision, loss of vision in the darkness, etc.
      2. Vitamin D
        1. It causes Rickets
          1. In this the bones become soft, and begin to bend.
          2. Vitamin C
            1. It causes Scurvy.
              1. In this disease the gums begin to bleed and it takes a long time to heal.
              2. Vitamin B1
                1. It causes the disease called Beriberi.
                  1. The symptoms weal weak muscles and very little energy to work.
                  2. Calcium
                    1. causes the bones and tooth to decay
                      1. the bones to become weak and tooth to decay
                      2. Iodine
                        1. it makes the glands in the neck to appear swollen, and mental disability in childern
                          1. causes the disease called Goiter
                          2. Iron
                            1. it causes extreme fatigue, Pale skin, weakness,etc.
                              1. causes the disease called Anaemia
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