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Remploy SROI Stakeholders

Resource summary

  1. Bids
    1. A robust methodology
      1. Credible
        1. Evidence based approach
          1. Evidences Social Value Act
            1. Main system approach/BAU
              1. Authentic
                1. Makes bids more competitive but evidencing social value
                  1. A differentiator from other providers - gives us a competitive edge
                    1. No one else in our sector captures it at this scale
                      1. Market leader using actual evidence
                        1. We have time to establish methods to capture data
                        2. Service Delivery
                          1. Evidences "transforming lives" through work
                            1. Enables EA's to describe the changes experienced by candidates
                              1. EA satisfaction and recognition
                                1. Helps candidates recognise progress
                                  1. Gives candidate positive reinforcement
                                    1. Builds motivation
                                      1. Builds self esteem
                                        1. Gives them tangible progress measure
                                  2. Provides feedback to DEA and others about input
                                    1. Lead to better relationships with DEA
                                      1. More referrals
                                        1. More job outcomes
                                          1. Provide evdience of delivering our mission
                                            1. Avhieving our targets
                                              1. Transforming lives
                                2. Employers
                                  1. Evidences Social Value
                                    1. Helps attract new employees and retain existing ones
                                      1. Demonstrates a positive impact in the community
                                        1. Improves brand
                                          1. Helps win new business
                                        2. Supply Chain
                                          1. Makes our bids more powerful if our supply chain measure social impact
                                            1. Evidences Social Value Act
                                              1. Improve delivery through working to the same values and social impact measurements
                                                1. Less risk for Remploy
                                                2. Enhance their profile in the community
                                                  1. Win more contracts
                                                  2. Parliament
                                                    1. Provides evidence to enhance and inform policy
                                                      1. Helps politicians get re-elected
                                                        1. Evidence that their policies are working
                                                        2. Gives us a competitive edge
                                                          1. Helps us retain, sustain and win new business
                                                            1. Helps shape and inform policy and influence government
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