Holyday and Traditions in Ecuador

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some feast in ecuador

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Holyday and Traditions in Ecuador
  1. The Carnival: The Feast of Fruit and Flowers
    1. The Feast of Fruit and Flowers is known as one of the most beautiful celebrations in Ecuador.
      1. Most travelers prefer to go to Ambato, where Carnival is celebrated with colorful parades.
        1. is a manifestation of the courage of the people of Ambato to overcome the tragedy and an offer to the beauty and fertility of their land.
          1. the first Feast of Fruit and Flowers was on 17 of february of 1951, and since then many groups of artists, of other countries they are guests for celebrate this amazing feast international
            1. The Feast of Fruit and Flowers is known as one of the most beautiful celebrations in Ecuador.
            2. The MAMA NEGRA
              1. This character is the central figure of the party is riding with grace and skill , dressed in rich robes typical village composed of large and colorful skirts, embroidered blouse.
                1. the character of " huaco " invokes the precolonial indigenous party " Citua " a rite purification to ward off epidemics that come with the September rains .
                  1. represents the Archangel Gabriel is a young man who goes on a horse and wears a white robe decorated with gold or silver lace
                    1. is always very arranged to represent a Moorish king , is in charge of decorating the procession.
                    2. The tradition of the "Diablada "
                      1. The tradition of the " diablada " requires that once disguised himself who will have to dance the next twelve years , but wants to spend the da Cain. Conversely fulfill the rite brings good fortune.
                        1. Píllaro Devils are popular characters in this party, who wear special clothing whose manufacture takes them time and effort . Their masks are handcrafted
                          1. Parade dancing to a band of people following the rhythms of sanjuanitos
                            1. The Devils Píllaro is now a popular celebration that over the last decade has grown and whose duration exceeds eight hours. This has nothing to do with religion , thus the church does not participate in the celebration.
                            2. DAY OF THE DEAD
                              1. Day of the Dead consists of vigils and visits to cemeteries where traditional flowers are very colorful and bring food to the dead..
                                1. All celebrate with a big glass of Colada Morada ( a sweet beverage purple ) accompanied with Guaguas de Pan.
                                  1. The ceremony is it is celebrated in the cemetery.
                                    1. The celebration is a mixture of ethnic cultures and Catholic customs .
                                      1. It is celebrated every year on November 2th
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