Is there scientific evidence to support that premenstrual syndrome exists and not just a myth?

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Is there scientific evidence to support that premenstrual syndrome exists and not just a myth?
  1. What is PMS?
    1. What are the symptoms?
      1. Who does it effect, age people are effected, etc.
    2. Scientific evidence, facts and figures supporting that PMS does or does not effect women
      1. Using various sources: magazines, blogs, scientific/medical websites, pamphlets, columns, artices.
        1. Are the sources credible or show any biased opinions?
      2. Primary Research: conduct a survey
        1. Main objective is to gather info regarding whether it is serious... because there are so many symptoms, it can be misdiagnosed as having "PMS"
          1. Is it an excuse for women to act however they want, once a month? Is it just normal hormones effecting emotions?
        2. There are many symptoms of PMS, varies so much... but because females go through menstruation once a month, they are able to blame it on the supposed "PMS"
          1. PMS IS A MYTH: Men & women can experience the symptoms under PMS. Difference is, females can just blame it on having PMS... BUT is it really PMS? or just an excuse for the irrational behavior and mood swings?
            1. PMS IS REAL: Occurs 7-14 days before menstruation, hormonal changes that trigger a wide range of symptoms - emotional change, physical, soreness, etc.
          2. Is it psychological? Is it just women in a bad mood & blaming it on PMS?
            1. Does this mean men can suffer from PMS? They could have symptoms!!
              1. MYTH OR NOT!?
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