Paris-Basin - Human Processes

Tom Cahill
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Leaving Cert Geography (Regional Geography) Mind Map on Paris-Basin - Human Processes, created by Tom Cahill on 10/29/2013.

Tom Cahill
Created by Tom Cahill almost 6 years ago
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Paris-Basin - Human Processes
1 Dev. of Paris
1.1 pop. 11m
1.2 Defense site on R. Seine
1.3 Flat Land
1.3.1 Excellent transport network
1.4 Fertile Soil
1.5 Centre of govt.
1.6 labour shortage after WW2
2 In-Migration
2.1 Massif Central & EU states
2.2 Economic Boom of 1960's
2.3 8%are foreign-born
2.4 Most migrants are young adults
2.4.1 Young age profile
2.4.2 high birth rates - low death rates
3 Problems of Urban Growth
3.1 Traffic Congestion
3.2 Urban Sprawl
3.2.1 Swallowed up farmland
3.3 Urban Decay
3.3.1 Anti-Social behavior
4 Immigrants
4.1 2m Muslims
4.2 high rise apartment blocks
4.3 Poverty and Discrimination
4.4 lack of oppurtunity

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