The Truman Show: Symbols

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NCEA English Mind Map on The Truman Show: Symbols, created by KatRichardson on 10/30/2013.

Created by KatRichardson almost 6 years ago
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The Truman Show: Symbols
1 The Sea
1.1 confinement
1.1.1 it is so vast, so broad, and Truman can not go over, above or in it
1.2 Freedom
1.2.1 the way “out”. It’s an escape, a way to vanish from this world.
1.2.2 further represented through Truman’s dreams as a youth to be an explorer, and despite Christof’s manipulations, this dreams never appears to die.
2 Ability to evade Christof’s attempts at total control.
2.1 Recreation of Sylvia's face
2.2 Chest hidden in Truman's basement.
3 Bridges
3.1 represent the way out, but their length and being over water represents confinement - they offer only a long and difficult escape route.
3.2 Others a simply a dead end - no chance of escape at all.

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