SAB7#7_8_Organizational Structure I& II

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SAB7#7_8_Organizational Structure I& II
  1. Functional
    1. - Works by silos (specialization)
      1. The project Manager has little or no authority and works part time
        1. Team members report to only one supervisor (functional)
        2. Projectized
          1. The entire Company is organized by projects
            1. The project manager makes all of the decisions about the project and budget, and works full-time
              1. Personnel are asigned and report to a project manager.
              2. Matrix
                1. This form is an attempt to maximize the strenghts of both, the functional and projectized structures
                  1. The team members report two bosses
                    1. In a strong matrix , The project manager has the power, the budget control and works full-time
                      1. In a weak matrix, The functional manager has the power, the budget control, and the PM works part-time
                        1. In a Balanced matrix, The power of the Project Manager is low to moderate, budget control is mixed and the PM works full-time
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