Spinal Cord (CNS)

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Spinal Cord Elements

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Spinal Cord (CNS)
  1. Blood Supply
    1. Vertebral Arteries
      1. Anterior Spinal Artery (1)
        1. Posterior Spinal Arteries (2)
        2. Segmented Medullary Arteries
          1. Fuses with Spinal Arteries
            1. Artery of Adamkiewicz/ Great Anterior Segmental Artery
              1. Blood Supply to Lower Lumbar and Sacral Region
            2. Radicular Arteries
              1. Doesn't Fuse w/ Spinal Arteries
              2. Internal Vertebral Venous Plexus
                1. Often an avenue of prostate cancer metastisis
                  1. Located in Epidural Fat
                2. Location (2/3 of Vertebral Canal)
                  1. From medulla oblongata
                    1. To Conus Medularis (Tapers Between LV1-LV2)
                  2. Unique traits
                    1. Large Sensory and Motor Inputs= Cervical Enlargement @ C4-T1 Lumbar Enlargement @ T11-L1
                    2. COMPOSTITION
                      1. Gray Matter (nerve cell bodies)- Non-myelinated, inner
                        1. Meninges Covering
                          1. Dura (touch, fibrous connective tissue)
                            1. Arachnoid
                              1. Subdural Space (extends to SV2) on Superior; Subarachnoid Space Inferior (Location of CSF)
                              2. Pia (intimately connected to spinal tissue)
                                1. Denticulate Ligaments (21 Pair)
                                  1. Laterally Anchors Spinal Cord in Subarachnoid Space Transverses Dorsal and Ventral Nerve Roots; Runs From Pia to the Dura
                                  2. Filum Terminale
                                    1. LV2-SV2; inferior prolongation of pia Blends with dura and continues inferiorly to attach to coccyx = coccygeal ligament
                                2. White Matter (Axons)- myelinated, outer
                                3. SPINAL NERVES (31 PAIRS)
                                  1. Union of Doral and Ventral Roots; Located in Intervertebral Foramen
                                    1. 8, 12, 5,5,1
                                      1. Cauda Equina
                                        1. L2-Co1; Dorsal and Ventral Roots of Lumbar and Sacral S.N. In the subarachnoid space/lumbar cystern below the conus Floats freely in CSF, not damaged during LP
                                        2. Dermatome- Area of skin innervated by sensory fibers from a particular spinal nerve
                                          1. Scleratome- area of bone innervated by a single S.N. Segment
                                            1. Myotome- group of muscles innervated by motor fibers derived from a single S.N segment
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