How many student's have some form of anxiety? and What are the causes?

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Ideas for my 2015 research practices.

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How many student's have some form of anxiety? and What are the causes?
  1. How many student's suffer from some form of anxiety?
    1. What are the causes?
      1. Stress
        1. What causes the stress?
          1. The pressure to look a certain way
            1. Social Media
          2. Depression
            1. School
              1. The big work load
                1. How can schools help to prevent these disorders?
                  1. How can school's help students with anxiety?
                  2. How does anxiety effect the students education?
                  3. Bad Parenting
                    1. Personality Traits
                      1. Which ones?
                      2. What are the main triggers?
                      3. How many of these students have it diagnosed by a medical professional?
                        1. How many of these students have taken medication for their anxiety?
                          1. Does the medication work?
                            1. Proof?
                              1. Statistics
                          2. How many of these people have also been diagnosed with depression or some other kind of mental illnesses?
                          3. What are the solutions?
                            1. How can others help?
                              1. Can anxiety cause other mental health issues?
                                1. How to fix anxiety?
                                  1. Does it need to be fixed?
                                    1. Can it be fixed?
                                  2. How does anxiety occur?
                                    1. How can it be prevented?
                                    2. Why do people suffer from anxiety?
                                      1. How do 'labels' and stereotypes contribute to anxiety?
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