The Seven Years War

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The Seven Years War
  1. Causes
    1. British Trade Expansion
      1. Previous tensions between Britain and France
        1. Protection for Colonist
        2. In 1753, a new French governor arrived in Canada with a vision to build forts throughout the Ohio valley
          1. Control over the Ohio Valley wanted
          2. Consequences
            1. American Revelution
              1. American defiance against the British
                1. British Victory
                  1. Removal of New Paris
                    1. 900,000-1,400,000 lives lost during the war (mostly to desease)
                      1. Treaty of Paris ended the war
                        1. French siding with the American Patriots 15 years later in the American Revelution
                          1. The Albany Plan of Union: Benjamin Franklin's attempt to unite all the different colonial governments. Failed at this time, but the idea developed later.
                          2. Belligerents
                            1. British Empire
                              1. Prussian Empire
                                1. Portugal
                                2. US Colonies
                                3. France
                                  1. Saxony
                                    1. Austria
                                      1. Russia
                                  2. North America
                                    1. Canada
                                      1. Central America
                                        1. West Africa
                                          1. India
                                            1. Philippines
                                    2. General Facts
                                      1. 1754-1763
                                        1. Actual fighting lasted 7 years
                                        2. 900,000-1,400,000
                                          1. French allied more easily with the Native Americans compared to the British
                                          2. Names
                                            1. Prussian
                                              1. Frederick II the Great
                                              2. British
                                                1. George Washington
                                                  1. King George III
                                                2. Treaties
                                                  1. The treaty between France and Austria was called the "Treaty of Versailles"
                                                    1. Treaty of Hamburg


                                                      • Treaty of Hamburg- Sweden surrenders to Prussia after the Treaty of Saint Peters burg between Russia and Prussia making it impossible for Sweden to win the war
                                                      1. Treaty of Saint Petersburg


                                                        • Treaty between Prussia and Russia- not a surrender -switching sides
                                                        1. Treaty of Paris- ended the war
                                                          1. Treaty of Hubertusburg


                                                            • signed at the same time as the Treaty of Paris. surrender of Saxony and Austria
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