Concession clauses

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Concession clauses
  1. In spite of
    1. A pesar de ...
      1. In spite of her decision not to, she glanced out the window.
      2. Despite
        1. Despite her fear, she wrapped her arms around him.
          1. A pesar de
          2. Because of
            1. We were stuck in a traffic jam because of an accident
              1. A causa de...
              2. Due to
                1. Debido a...
                  1. Due to the 1st world war the gas mask was invented
                  2. Thanks to
                    1. Gracias a..
                      1. Thanks to Tesla we have electric energy
                      2. Although
                        1. Aunque
                          1. Although there's not sun you have to apply solar filter
                          2. Even though
                            1. Aunque
                              1. Even though she had needs she could ask for permission
                              2. Because
                                1. Porque
                                  1. She rob the money because she needed
                                  2. Since
                                    1. Desde
                                      1. You knew what you would say since you started speaking.
                                      2. For
                                        1. Para
                                          1. I made these gloves for you to wear them on winter.
                                          2. As
                                            1. Como
                                              1. I can expose as you could too
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