Perspectives on International Relations

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Escenarios regionales

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Perspectives on International Relations
  1. Created to help us describe, explain and predict world events.
    1. Perspectives deal with couses of relations between states
      1. Levels of analysis locate the origin of the cause.
      2. Three main perspectives
        1. Realist
          1. power
            1. cyclical
              1. Empire and equilibrium
              2. self-help protection
              3. Identity
                1. Ideas
                  1. history course
                2. Liberal
                  1. Interactions and institutions
                    1. progression
                      1. Global society growth
                      2. Change incentives and allow cooperation
                    2. Fourth perspective
                      1. Critical Theory
                        1. We cannot explain world events regardless their historical and social context
                          1. Historical and social circumstances are key
                            1. Difficult to abstract behavior
                          2. Levels
                            1. individual
                              1. Specific decision-makers
                              2. domestic
                                1. States or types of States
                                2. Systematic
                                  1. International system
                                  2. foreign
                                    1. Internal and external pressures
                                    2. Complex
                                      1. Structure
                                        1. Process
                                      2. Moral and Ethics
                                        1. Relativists
                                          1. No universal moral standards exist
                                          2. Universalists
                                            1. Some principles apply to everyone
                                            2. Pragmatists
                                              1. Practical approach to ethics
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