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Mapa semantico para clase de Ingles

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1.1 Are nouns that we can count
1.2 Singular
1.2.1 Determiners: a, the, this, one ours, his 1. Our car is cheaper than yours 2. The house is clean now . 3. this lion is really hungry.
1.2.2 Articles : a or an I have a cellphone in my house I want an elephant for my zoo. Uses articles a or an
1.2.3 It doesn´t use quantifiers
1.2.4 Demostrative objectives, this those This garlic smells terrible That orange is really sweet Demostrative objectives, this those Those speakers sound amazing Those bags belong to the fifth grade.
1.3 Plural
1.3.1 A determiner is optional
1.3.3 Quantifiers can be used. Some, Any, Many, A lot etc. Some books are interesting I don´t have any friend in Africa Many visitors came yesterday to the show
2.1 Singular
2.1.1 grass tennis wine water salt
2.1.2 SOME & ANY - I have some money - Give me some water - Put some floor to the mixture
2.1.3 LITTLE & MUCH - I have a little juice for lunch - He require so much data.
2.2 Plural no used
2.3 Substances, concepts,
2.4 Do not use "a" or "an"
3 Plurals
3.1 +S unless ends :
3.1.1 ch, x,s, sh +es church-churches brush-bruses box boxes
3.1.2 f + ves thief - thieves self - selves dwarf - dwarves
3.1.3 y +ies family -families library- libraries secretary secretaries