Formative research for teachers

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Formative research for teachers
  1. Research
    1. it is a process in which is solved new or existing problems, support theorems, or develop new theories.
      1. Quantitative
        1. Qualitative
      2. LEBEI
        1. It makes a major emphasis on formative research. This offers courses and seminars.
          1. Contributions to the research field
            1. Applied Linguistics English as a foreign language.
        2. Research paradigms and methods.
          1. It is the course, which students can develope and imporve their research skills.
            1. Understand paradigms and research methods
              1. We learn to identify and solve the problems and needs of our students.
                1. Research in primary schools.
            2. Myself
              1. Find and solve the porblems which affect my students learning.
                1. Research about teaching and learning problems.
                  1. Research assure my continuous update as my teacher.
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