Characteristics of Living Organisms

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A mind map explaining the Characteristics of Living Organisms for Edexcel Biology IGCSE paper 1

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Characteristics of Living Organisms
  1. They need Nutrition
    1. Nutrients provide energy and what they need for growth . Such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
    2. They Respire
      1. Respiration releases energy from their food
      2. They Excrete their waste
        1. Carbon Dioxide and Urine are removed by Excretion
        2. They Respond to their surroundings
          1. Can react to changes in their surroundings
          2. They move
            1. Move towards water and food and away from predators and poisins
            2. They control internal conditions
              1. Control temperature of the body and water content by Homeostasis
              2. They Reproduce
                1. Produce offspring in order for their species to survive
                2. They Grow and Develop
                  1. They grow an develop into their adult form
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