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Entrepenourship based on the US Department of State / Barou of International Information Programs

Resource summary

  1. What is it?
    1. Will to innovate and develop new ways of gaining profit
      1. Change factors and researchers
        1. Key element to a country's economic development
        2. Entreprenours
          1. Creativity
            1. Dedication
              1. Determination
                1. Flexibility
                  1. Leadership
                    1. Leadership
                      1. Passion
                        1. Self-confidence
                          1. Smarts
                            1. Benefits
                              1. Themselves bosses
                                1. Prestige
                                  1. Contribution
                                2. Hard decisions might need
                                  1. Motivation
                                    1. Strategy
                                      1. Realistic vision
                                      2. Team Work
                                        1. More entrepenours working together, does not directly mean a better work
                                          1. Investors may prefer to invest in teams than single entreprenours
                                          2. How to finance?
                                            1. Banks
                                              1. Savings
                                                1. Family and/or friends
                                                  1. Investors
                                                    1. Gobernment
                                                    2. Protection of intellectal property
                                                      1. Trademark
                                                        1. Copyright
                                                          1. Patents
                                                            1. Trade Secrets
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