Implementation of statistics in business and industry

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Mapa conceptual sobre las estadísticas en los negocios.

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Implementation of statistics in business and industry
  1. Business and industry: a organization has 3 levels
    1. - Managerial: Level at which systems are devised or implementated
      1. -Strategic: Emphasis on statistical with the following components
        1. 1) Notion of a process 2)Notion of mesearument 3) Understanding Variation 4) Statistical Tools 5) System approach
        2. - Operational: Methods are implemented
        3. Implementation General Issues
          1. Commitment of top management *Senior management essential for the success of any program *Recognition of potential benefits of implementation.
            1. Role of staticians *Staticians have to be 1) Leaders 2) Facilitators 3) Add value to the organization
              1. Systems of thinking: Components must be considered as part of a system for successful implementation.
                1. Planning for implementation : Before embarking implementation one has to have a plan answering this questions 1) How 2) What 3) When 4) Who
                2. Implementation via training and or consulting:
                  1. 1) Training programs should be designed in such a way to suit each of strategic, managerial and operational levels.
                    1. 2) Trainers should have knowledge and experience.
                      1. 3) Use of technology is important
                      2. Implementation Via education: Students need technical and non - technical skills to be successful
                        1. Undergraduated program *Students should have minimum skills in statistic.
                          1. Graduated education * Students needs to have training in communication
                          2. University
                            1. *Provide training in workplace * Build a flexible system so students and faculty can spend time in business or industry to enhance technical skills and gain experience.
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