SAB7#44_Requirement categories

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SAB7#44_Requirement categories
  1. Solution Requirements
    1. Functional
      1. How the product should work?
      2. No functional
        1. What will make the product effective?
        2. what does the product need to look like?
        3. Tecnical Requirements
          1. What are the product specifications?
          2. Transition requirements
            1. Handoff procedures or training to transfer the product to the customer
            2. Business Requirements
              1. What business need is the project intend to address? (Higer-level needs)
              2. Quality requirements
                1. What Quality measures does the product need to meet?
                2. Stakeholder requierements
                  1. Need of a stackeholder or a stakeholder group
                  2. Project requirements
                    1. what are the expectations for how the project should be initiated, planned, executed, controlled, and closed?


                      • Actions, processes, or other conditions the Project needs to meet
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