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Mapa mental sobre robot hyper redundante de 30 grados de libertad

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    1. Are not anthropomorphic
      1. Highly linkage structure
        1. Maneuvering in confined spaces
          1. Peristaltic waves generated
            1. Grasp Objects in a Tentacle-Like Fashion
            2. IMPLEMENTATION
              1. 30 DOF Robot VGT
                1. 10 Identical 3 DOF Truss Modules
                  1. 3 Prismatic Joints
                    1. D.C. Servo Motors and Lead Screw Drives
                      1. Linear Potentiometer
                    2. Casters Attached to the Fixed Elements of the Modules
                      1. can be separated into two robot manipulators 15 DOF
                        1. System is Controlled by an a Multiprocessing Computer
                          1. Heurikon 68030
                          2. mechanical advantage properties
                            1. Gregory S. Chirikjian Joel W. Burdick
                          3. APPLICATIONS
                            1. Medical Endoscopy
                              1. Capturing and Despinning Free Floating Satellites
                                1. Complex Whole Arm Manipulation Experiments
                                  1. Emergency Response Vehicles in Collapsed Buildings
                                    1. Sensor Placement in Complicated Geological Formations
                                    2. DISADVANTAGES
                                      1. Precise Positioning Tasks
                                        1. Not Provide Backbone Torque
                                        2. MORPHOLOGY
                                          1. Continuous Morphology
                                            1. Deformable Continuous
                                            2. Discrete Morphology
                                              1. Rigid Links
                                              2. Cascades of Parallel Platform Modules
                                                1. Variable Geometry Trusses (VGT)
                                              3. UNIVERSIDAD MANUELA BELTRÁN ING. ELECTRÓNICA
                                                1. JOHANN ANDRÉS ARGÜELLO CRUZ ROBÓTICA INDUSTRIAL
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