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SAB7#41 Doc_Alcance
  1. Scope Management Plan
    1. Is the subsidiary plan for the project management plan that talked about the scope and part to have to
      1. Product Scope
        1. Is all about the final products: it´s feactures, functions of the product or service that you and your team are building
        2. Project Scope
          1. Is all of the work that needs to be done to make the product.
          2. Scope creep
            1. Means uncontrolled changes that cause the team to do extra work
            2. Define Scope
              1. Validate Scope
              2. Project Scope Statement
                1. Is a documment to comunicate what is a exactly part of the work has to be done to finish the project before start it
                  1. Performance project
                    1. Control Scope
                      1. changes approved
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