Perspectives on international relations

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Perspectives on international relations
  1. The study of international relations uses perspectives and levels of analysis to help us describe, explain, and predict world events.
    1. There are three “mainstream” perspectives: realist, liberal, and identity. Each focuses on a different factor as the cause of world events.
      1. Realist
        1. Power
          1. The international system is anarchic, forcing states to rely on self-help for protection.
            1. History is largely a cyclical phenomenon
            2. Liberal
              1. Interactions and institutions
                1. Believe that repeated interactions, changes in technology, and institutions can change the incentives that prisoners face and allow them to cooperate.
                  1. View history as more of a linear progressio
                  2. Indentity
                    1. Ideas
                      1. Emphasizes the development of ideas and at how these ideational traditions have impacted the course of history.
                      2. Crithical theory
                        1. Challenges the idea that we can explain world events apart from the historical and social context in which they take place.
                          1. Argues that it is difficult to abstract the behavior of states in the way discussed. Instead, deep historical and social circumstances are key determinants in the way events unfold.
                        2. Levels of analysis are used to determine where the causes of an event originate
                          1. Individual
                            1. Characteristics of specific decision-makers
                            2. Domestic
                              1. Characteristics of specific states or of types of states
                              2. Foreign policy
                                1. Internal and external pressures that shape foreign policy-making.
                                2. Systematic
                                  1. Characteristics of the international system
                                    1. Structure
                                      1. Process
                                3. We view international relations through the window of our moral philosophy.
                                  1. Relativists
                                    1. All truth is relative and that no universal moral standards exist.
                                    2. Universalists
                                      1. Some moral principles apply to all people at all times
                                      2. Pragmatists
                                        1. The practice of international affairs demands a practical approach to ethical issues.
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