perspectives of international relations

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tarea de escenarios regionales

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perspectives of international relations
  1. Introduction
    1. the study of international relations uses perspectives and levels of analysis to describe, explain and predict world events.
    2. perspectives
      1. there are 3 types of perspectives. These perspectives seek to explain and predict behavior of International System. Perspectives deal with relations between states.
        1. Realistic
          1. Ilustrates basic truths
          2. Liberal
            1. view history as more of a linear progression. continuous changes.
            2. Identity
              1. The development of ideas and humanity's intellectual evolution
          3. Levels of analysis
            1. These levels locate the origin of the cause between states.
              1. Individual
                1. looks the characteristics of one specific decision.
                2. Systemic
                  1. international systems
                  2. Domestic
                    1. States and types of states
                    2. foreign policy level
                      1. Internal and external pressures.
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