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Resource summary

  1. Historical records and lesson learned
    1. Requirementes Documentation
      1. Acceptance criteria
      2. Interviews
        1. "Expert intervews". Between two individuals or in group settings. E-mail, pone calls or virtual tools
        2. Focus group
          1. It helps to get a specific set of stakeholders' opinions and requirements for the product or an aspect of the project
          2. Brainstorming
            1. Facilitated workshop
              1. Stakeholders with different perspective.
              2. Nominal group technique
                1. To Rank the most useful ideas
                2. Multi-criteria Decision Analysis
                  1. Decisión matrix based on factors such risks
                  2. Mind Maps
                    1. Diagram of ideas
                    2. Affinity Diagrams
                      1. Requirements grouped by similarities
                      2. Questionaries and surveys
                        1. Observation
                          1. Prototypes
                            1. Bench marking
                              1. Context diagram
                                1. Project charter
                                  1. Group decisión making
                                    1. Delphi tecnique
                                    2. Balancing stakeholders' requirements
                                      1. Trazability matrix
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