Importance of Business Correspondence

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mapa mental importance of business correspondences

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Importance of Business Correspondence
  1. 1.Help in Maintaining Proper Relationship
    1. 2. Inexpensive and Convenient Mode
      1. 3. Create and Maintain Goodwill
        1. 4. Serves as Evidence
          1. 5. Help in Expansion of Business
            1. the 5 c principle
              1. courteous
                1. correct
                  1. consice
                    1. complete
                      1. clear
              2. “Any letter designed and directed to the exchange of information connected with trade and trade related activities is known as a business letter." -According to M. Omar Ali,
                1. “The letters which are exchanged among businessmen connected with business affairs are called business or commercial letters.”-According to Hanson
                  1. "Business letter is the process of accomplishing a business transaction in written form.”- According to W. J. Weston.
                    1. importance of business correspondence
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