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  • this could include: - costs of queality efforts - cost of risk effort - costs of the project managerś time - costs of the project management activities - costs directly associated with the project - expenses for physical office spaces used directly for the project - profit, when applicable - overhead costs, such as management salaries nd general office expenses
  1. the cost management plan
    1. the scope baseline
      1. project schedule
        1. human resource management plan
          1. risk register
            1. project management cost
              1. VARIABLE COSTS
                1. These costs change with the amount of production or the amount of work. Example include the cost of material, supplies, and wages.
                2. FIXED COSTS
                  1. These costs do not change as production changes. Example include the cost of set-up, rent, utilities, etc.
                  2. DIRECT COSTS
                    1. These costs are directly attributable to work on the project. Example are team travel, team wages, recognition, and costs of material used on the project.
                    2. INDIRECT COSTS
                      1. Indirect costs are overhead items or costs incurred for the benefit of more than one project. Example include taxes , fringe benefits, and janitorial services.
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