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are tha map about lenguage

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  1. how it is processed
    1. how is aquired
      1. how is compute
    2. many societys
      1. study structure of natural lenguege
        1. how lenguage work
          1. semantics
            1. study the meanings
            2. grammar
              1. word
                1. phases
                  1. sentences
                  2. phonology
                    1. phonology
                    2. pragmatics
                      1. use of lenguage
                    3. is central to human life
                      1. exchange information
                      2. how brain compute lenguage
                        1. has practical applications
                          1. has the ability to recorver the information from streams or noices
                            1. share ideas
                            2. essential to human cooperation
                              1. coordinating our actions
                                1. by means of words
                                2. sharing our knowleadge
                                3. thougt
                                  1. lenguage is not
                                    1. written
                                      1. kids don't like writte
                                        1. they have to learn construction
                                      2. proper grammar
                                        1. descriptive grammar
                                          1. how people speak
                                          2. prescriptive how people should speak
                                      3. historial evolution
                                        1. misterius
                                          1. how lenguage evolve in particular species
                                          2. lenguage is
                                            1. words
                                              1. rules, sintaxis, morphology,phology
                                                1. rules allow for expression unifamiliar meaning
                                                2. interfaces conect to world
                                                3. gist
                                                  1. we don't remember words, just meaning
                                                    1. is a way to expres thoughts
                                                    2. chomsky
                                                      1. focus on creativity sintax don't consist of linear associations
                                                        1. child use rules of language and generalization from speking
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