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  1. What is a syllable?
    1. the number of beast in a word.
      1. A syllable is a organixation for a sequence of speech sound, that are sounded together to make up a word.
        1. It is typically composed of a CENTER or NUCLES. (most often a vowel)
          1. Whit optioal initial and final margins (tipically consonant).
            1. colled ONSET and CODA respective.
    2. ¿what's the importance of the syllable?
      1. Is said to be responsible for the rhytmic nature of English.
      2. What is a syllable phonologically speaking?
        1. Analyse the word:
          1. P
            1. Initial consonat /P/ marginal element. non syllable segment.
              1. Nombre: Alvaro Flores Narvaez.
            2. AI
              1. Diphthong /ei/ nuclean element. syllable segmental.
              2. NT
                1. Final duster /nt/ marginal element. non syllabic segmental.
              3. Parts of a syllable
                1. syllable
                  1. rhyme
                    1. coda
                      1. peak
                      2. onset
                    2. Syllabification is the separation of a word into syllables, spoken or written. In most languages, the actually spoken syllable are the basis of syllabification in writing too.
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