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NCEA Level 1 Physics - Mechanics

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  1. Motion
    1. Newton's Laws
      1. 1st Law
        1. Every body continues at a state of rest or of uniform (unaccelerated) motion unless acted on by an external force
        2. 2nd Law
          1. The acceleration of a body is directly proportional to the external force acting on the body and take place in the direction of the force
            1. F=ma
              1. The Newton (N) is defined as the force to accelerate a mass of 1kg at 1m/s^2
          2. 3rd Law
            1. If A exerts a force on B, then B exerts and equal and opposite force on A
          3. D-T Graphs
            1. Gradient=velocity
            2. V-T Graphs
              1. Gradient = Acceleration
                1. Area under graph = distance
                2. Conservation of momentum
                  1. The total linear momentum of a system of interacting (colliding) bodies, on which no external force is acting, remains constant
                    1. If two bodies A and B collide they exert qual and opposite forces on each other (Newton's 3rd Law), and by Newton's 2nd Law each body experiences the same acceleration. As the changes are oppositely directed the total change in momentum is 0
                    2. Elastic Collision
                      1. No loss of kinetic energy
                      2. Free Fall
                        1. Galileo
                          1. Dropped balls from the Leaning Tower of Piza to see acceleration during free fall
                            1. He discovered that objects fall at the same speed regardless of their mass
                            2. Aristotle
                              1. Aristotle assumed that heavier objects would fall faster than lighter ones
                              2. Weight = mass x acceleration in free fall (g)
                                1. W = mg
                            3. Torque (Moments)
                              1. M = Fd
                                1. M = Moment, F = magnitude of Force, d = perpendicular distance
                                2. Total clockwise moment = Total anticlockwise moment (in equilibrium)
                                3. Equilibrium, Centre of Mass and COG
                                  1. Pressure = force / area
                                  2. Work, Energy and Power
                                    1. W=Fd
                                      1. Work done = force x distance moved
                                      2. Kinetic energy = ½mv^2
                                        1. GPE = mgh
                                          1. Therefore, Increase/decrease in GPE = mg(change in h)
                                          2. Power = energy/time
                                            1. Power is the rate of doing work in Watts
                                            2. A pendulum converts GPE into KE and back to GPE, until it stops as it loses energy in other forms (e.g. heat)
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