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  1. Procces: Perform Quality Assurance Proccess group:Project executing Knowledge área: Quality Management
    1. Project Manager: Accountable
    2. It is an executing process performed while the project work is being done. Its focus is on the work being done on the project. Its purpose is to ensure the team is following organizational policies, standards, and processes as planned to produce the project's deliverables. Through this evaluation the project manager can also evaluate whether the processes need to be improve or modified.
      1. Plan Quality Management and Control Quality Tools and Techniques
        1. Quality Audits
          1. Process Analysis
            1. Other tools and techniques (#86)
              1. Change request, including recommended corrective and preventive actions and defect repair
                1. Organizational process assets updates
                  1. Updated Project management
                    1. Find good practices and share it with others in organization
                      1. Quality metrics
                        1. Quality control measurements
                          1. Quality management plan
                            1. Process improvement plan
                              1. Project Documents


                                • -Stakeholder register - Responsability assignment matrix - WBS and WBD dictionary
                                1. Project documents updates
                                  1. Continuous process improvement reduces waste and eliminates activities that do not add value, increassing levels of efficiency and effectiveness.
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