SAB7#97_Acquire Project Team

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SAB7#97_Acquire Project Team
  1. Human resourse management plan
    1. Guidelines on how members will be added, managed and reléase; roles and responsabilities, Project organization charts and the staffing management plan
    2. Enterprise environmental factors
      1. Who is available, whether they are colocated, wether they work well together, how much it cost, outsourcing policies
      2. Organizational process assets
        1. Policies for using staff on projects or hiring procedures
        2. Which resources are preassigned to the Project and confirming their availability
          1. Negotiating for the best possible resources
            1. Based on the needs of the organization and the priority, prove why the Project requires the stated quantity and quality of resources,build relationships, work with the resource's manager to deal with situations as they arise.
            2. Hiring new employees
              1. Managing the risk of resources becoming unavaliable
                1. Types of teams
                  1. Dedicated (work full time), Part-time (Spend a portion of their time in one Project and also with others), Partnership (several organizations undertake a Project and people form each one participate in the Project), Vitual (coordination among the varios organizations or locations might require increased risk management work, more effort)
                  2. Multi-criteria decision analysis
                    1. Set of criteria to help evaluate potential team members: availability, cost, experience, location, required skills, knowledge, or training
                    2. Halo Effect
                      1. Be aware of when dealing with team members. That's when you put someone in a position they can't handle
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