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Journal RR1_An overview of Applied Linguistics

Resource summary

  1. Whats applied linguistics?
    1. language
      1. in order to achieve some purpose
      2. how it is learned
        1. solve some problems in the real world
          1. subdisciplines of applied linguistics
            1. literacy
              1. speech pathology
                1. deaf education
                  1. interpreting and translating
                    1. communication practices
                      1. lexicography
                        1. first language acquisition
                    2. how it is used
                    3. Applied Linguistics during the 20th Century
                      1. Grammar-Translation
                        1. have one or two new grammar rules
                          1. a list of vocabulary items
                            1. practice examples to translate from L1 into L2 or vice versa
                              1. PRAGMATICS
                              2. focused on reading and writing literary materials
                                1. SOCIOLINGUISTICS
                              3. Direct Method
                                1. emphasized exposure to oral language
                                  1. listening and speaking as the primary skills
                                    1. required teachers to be highly proficient in the target language
                                      1. DISCOURSE ANALYSIS
                                        1. sociocultural theory
                                      2. Reading Method
                                        1. promoting reading skills through vocabulary management
                                        2. Audiolingualism
                                          1. close attention to pronunciation
                                            1. intensive oral drilling
                                              1. focus on sentence patterns
                                                1. memorization
                                              2. Early History
                                                1. Plato and Aristotle
                                                  1. grammar
                                                    1. rhetoric
                                                      1. to promote a philosophical approach to life
                                                      2. The development of dialectic
                                                      3. Samuel Johnson
                                                        1. Dictionary of the English Language
                                                        2. Robert Lowth
                                                          1. Short Introduction to English Grammar
                                                        3. New Perspectives on Teaching the Four Skills
                                                          1. LISTENING
                                                            1. SPEAKING
                                                              1. PRONUNCIATITON
                                                                1. READING
                                                                  1. WRITING
                                                                  2. Authors
                                                                    1. attack on the behaviorist underpinnings of structural linguistics
                                                                      1. suggested that children form hypotheses about their language that they tested out in practice
                                                                        1. universal grammar
                                                                          1. posited that children are born with an understanding of the way languages work
                                                                            1. SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION
                                                                              1. PSYCHOLINGUISTICS
                                                                        2. Noam Chomsky
                                                                          1. Hymes
                                                                            1. communicative competence
                                                                              1. language competence consists of more than just being able to "form grammatically correct sentences but also to know when and where to use these sentences and to whom"
                                                                            2. Stephen Krashen
                                                                              1. focused attention on the role of input
                                                                                1. Monitor Theory
                                                                                  1. posited that a second language was mainly unconsciously acquired through exposure to comprehensible input rather than being learned through explicit exercises
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