SAB7#68 Estimate Costs

Daniel Pineda
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Daniel Pineda
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Mind Map on SAB7#68 Estimate Costs, created by Daniel Pineda on 08/22/2015.

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SAB7#68 Estimate Costs
  1. Cost Management Plan
    1. HR Management Plan
      1. Scope Baseline
        1. Project Schedule
          1. Risk Register
            1. EEFs
              1. OPAs
                1. Expert Judgement
                  1. Analogue Estimation
                    1. Parametric Estimation
                      1. Bottom-Up Estimation
                        1. 3-Point Estimation
                          1. Process: Estimate Costs Process Group: Planning Knowledge Area: Cost Management
                            1. Cost Estimation
                              1. Estimation Base
                                1. Document Updates
                                  1. Quality Cost
                                    1. Group Decision Techniques
                                      1. Direct - Indirect Costs
                                        1. Variable - Fixed Costs
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