Business Model Generation

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Business Model Generation
  1. Unblunded Corporations
    1. Infraestructure businesses
      1. Useful to manage platforms for high volume and repetitive tasks.
      2. Product Innovation businesses
        1. Develop new and attractive products and services
        2. Customer relationship businesses
          1. Finding and acquiring customers and building relationships with them
        3. Long Tail Business Model
          1. Sell less products of more niches of market
            1. Main examples
              1. Netflix
                1. eBay
                  1. YouTube
                    2. Media businesses mainly
                    3. Multi-sided platforms
                      1. Brings together two or more distinct group of customers
                        1. Platforms creates value by facilitating interactions between the different groups
                          1. Main examples
                            1. Google
                              1. Visa
                                1. Microsoft Windows
                              2. Free business model
                                1. At least one substantial customer segments is able to continuously benefit
                                2. Open business models
                                  1. Creates and captures value by systematically collaborating with outside patterns
                                    1. Main example
                                      1. Procter and Gamble
                                      2. Outside in Innovation
                                        1. Inside out innovation
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